Miss USA 2015 Contestants: Meet the 51 Potential Pageant Winners

Once again, 51 beautiful women are competing as contestants in the Miss USA pageant. For the 2015 competition, the show will air on the Reelz Network and the show broadcasts live from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. To get to know each of this year’s contestants, check out the above video playlist and feel free to skip through to your favorite states. Just click the “Playlist” button in the top left of the video and choose which contestant interviews to watch.

So, who do you think has the best chance of making it into the Top 10 contestants? Who will be the winner? According to The Pageant Planet, these are the contestant predictions for the Top 10 contestants:

1. Miss Arizona USA- Maureen Montagne
2. Miss District of Columbia USA – Lizzy Olsen
3. Miss Louisiana USA – Candice Bennatt
4. Miss Michigan USA – Rashontae Wawrzyniak
5. Miss Nebraska USA – Hoang-Kim Cung
6. Miss Nevada USA – Brittany McGowan
7. Miss Texas USA – Ylianna Guerra
8. Miss Rhode Island USA – Anea Garcia
9. Miss Hawaii USA – Emma Wo
10. Miss Maryland USA – Mame Adjei

The Top 5 predicted by PageantNews.com are:

1. Olivia Jordan – Miss Oklahoma USA 2015
2. Ylianna Guerra – Miss Texas USA 2015
3. Kiara Young – Miss Tennessee USA 2015
4. Natasha Martinez – Miss California USA 2015
5. Madison Guthrie – Miss Alabama USA 2015

And, they’ve predicted the top 10 to be:

1. Miss Arkansas USA 2015 Leah Blefko
2. Miss Kentucky USA 2015 Katie George
3. Miss North Carolina USA 2015 Julia Dalton
4. Miss Maryland USA 2015 Mame Adjei
5. Miss Rhode Island USA 2015 Anea Garcia
6. Miss Oklahoma USA 2015 Olivia Jordan
7. Miss Texas USA 2015 Ylianna Guerra
8. Miss Tennessee USA 2015 Kiara Young
9. Miss California USA 2015 Natasha Martinez
10. Miss Alabama USA 2015 Madison Guthrie

Missology has reported their favorite picks as these:

1. Miss Rhode Island
2. Miss New York
3. Miss Tennessee
4. Miss Utah
5. Miss Texas
6. Miss Kentucky
7. Miss Mississippi
8. Miss Florida
9. Miss California
10. Miss Colorado
11. Miss Louisiana
12. Miss Michigan
13. Miss Maine
14. Miss Nevada
15. Miss Oklahoma

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