Who Gets Saved & Eliminated on Tonight’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’? – 7/20/15

Darion Flores, Ariana Crowder, Lily Frias, Eddie Neptune Eskridge, Moises Parra, and Derek Piquette were all in the bottom six contestants tonight, but which of them were saved and who was eliminated?

The results are: The two dancers announced as saved by America were Neptune and Moises. Darion and Lily also ended up eliminated tonight.

So who are the contestants that were in the bottom tonight?

Darion Flores – He’s 19 years old and hails from Connecticut. Trained in Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz, he’s excited to be on the show.

Ariana Crowder – Crowder is a Jersey girl whose dance style is street hip-hop though she does have formal dance training.

Lily Frias – Frias is from Durango, Mexico and her dance style is called “waacking”, though she’s also trained in Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary dance.

Moises Parra – Parra is 18 years old, from Texas, and battles an illness called Nephrotic Syndrome while being an amazing dancer.

Eddie Neptune Eskridge – Eskridge’s nickname is Neptune and his dance preference is freestyle as he has no formal dance training.

Derek Piquette – Piquette is 18 years old and from New York City, where he specializes in Contemporary dance, but he’s had 9 years of formal dance training.