Nick Viall & Kaitlyn Bristowe: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Nick Viall is one of the most talked about contestants on The Bachelorette 2015. He is a businessman from Wisconsin and is one of eleven children. Read on for the details on Viall and his relationship with Kaitlyn Bristowe, along with some serious show spoilers.

1. Nick Viall Comes In Second Once Again

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Nick Viall came in second on Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette and now it looks like the same happens to him for the 2015 season. According to Reality Steve, Viall proposes to Kaitlyn Bristowe, but is rejected by her and she chooses contestant Shawn Booth.

2. He Is The Enemy Of The Other Contestants

Viall came on the show on the season’s fourth episode and the other contestants were very upset by Bristowe’s decision to bring him aboard. Many of the contestants have said they didn’t trust him and the most vocal cast member has been Shawn Booth. Booth and Viall have a constant feud going on the show and it even begins to take its toll on Kaitlyn Bristowe.

3. There Are Rumors He Could Be The Next Bachelor

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With The Bachelorette coming to the end of the season, rumors are swirling about who could be the next Bachelor. Most often, it’s the guy who comes in third place, but there are reports that Nick Viall could be in the running. Bristowe accidentally spoiled contestant Ben Higgins’ elimination in an interview saying that she though Ben would be the best candidate to be the next Bachelor. Bristowe told People:

I think Ben H. I think he’s just a well-rounded and solid guy who knows what he wants. Even though he is only 26 I feel like he’s a very mature 26. He is such a gentleman, he’s funny … he’s a really, really, really, solid guy, and, he’s extremely handsome.

4. He’s Been Trying His Hand At Modeling

At the beginning of the season and throughout the show, we’ve seen an increasing number of professional photos of Nick Viall on his social media accounts. It appears as though he’s getting into modeling a bit. And, we have to say … whatever his motivation on the show is … the guy looks good in his pics.

5. Viall Has Had Sex With Two Bachelorette Stars

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When Viall faced former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman at the “After The Final Rose” special, he revealed to America that he and Dorfman had sex during their fantasy suite date. Dorfman was appalled and so were viewers. On a solo date in Ireland with Kaitlyn Bristowe, they’re date goes very well and the two end up having sex. This causes a great deal of drama and guilt for Bristowe, but Viall keeps his mouth shut this time.



Ann Neilson

Thanks for the spoiler of who she chooses (not like it matters though, since it was allegedly leaked through Snapchat some weeks ago). I adore Shawn and want him to be happy. I hope they stick together and that Kaitlyn calms down those hormones. She seems level-headed to me, when she wants to be. I’m rooting for her.


Nick and kaitlyn should be together; both pathetic, she has no class. Looks like she keeps trying to push her big teeth back in her mouth, put on great acts with the parents, who knows how many guys she slept with, ashamed to know she’s Canadian, Canadians have class and are proud people, NOT HER – acts like dog in heat.


Disappointed to think that such an ignorant comment could have come from a Canadian…. It is you who lack class. Comparing a strong woman to a ‘dog in heat’ is NOT something to be proud of.

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