Sara Peccia Is the Real Sara Jackson on ‘Catfish’ 2015

Sara Peccia

Sara Peccia has been victim to a catfish named Ashley Pietrowicz, who used her photos to pretend to be a girl named Sara Jackson. The situation is showcased on MTV's Catfish, but Peccia, an estheticia at Salon Bravissimo, is still suffering from Ashley's actions. Though Pietrowicz reportedly told Peccia she would stop using her photos, family members of Pietrowicz contacted Peccia and let her know that's not the case. Check out some of the best Facebook photos of Peccia by clicking through our gallery.

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Nigga PUHLEASE… Sara loves it. She puts a million pictures of herself online after someone uses them. I’m not sure why anyone would use pictures of someone with an acne infested fat face shaped like a football. Sara’s face isn’t proportionate. I was looking at it, trying not to projectile vomit and it came to me. Her mouth and chin look like they haven’t quite grown in yet. She isn’t good looking at all. Get some soap and wash that face.

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