Shawn Booth Vs. Nick Viall: Who Won ‘The Bachelorette’ 2015?

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(ABC/Rick Rowell)

So, who is the winner of the 2015 season of The Bachelorette? Who does Kaitlyn Bristowe choose to be her fiance? Is it Nick Viall or Shawn Booth? At first, the reports made by Bachelorette guru Reality Steve were that there was no winner. He explained that Bristowe ended up rejecting both men and left the show a single woman. However, when a Snapchat video of Bristowe and Booth in bed together was accidentally posted online, the reports changed. According to reports, Shawn Booth is the contestant who wins this season.

Throughout the finale, viewers will be unsure as to who Bristowe may pick to be her soulmate because she seems to have intense feelings for both guys. Though Nick Viall seemed to be the most hated contestant, at the same time, he seemed to have the best and most passionate relationship with Bristowe. Booth, on the other hand, had a more complicated relationship as his jealousy was constantly getting in the way. Who could blame him though? After all, Bristowe DID have sex with Nick Viall and not him.

Although Bristowe is reported to have chosen Booth, there are already reports that the two have called it quits, but they are under contract to keep up with the facade. Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that Shawn Booth had too hard of a time watching Bristowe’s relationships on national television this season, especially seeing the episode where she had sex with Viall. Booth had also been spotted out on the streets of Nashville, appearing intoxicated and flirting with other women.

For more information on Booth and his relationship with Bristowe, check out the below links:

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