Shawn Booth & Kaitlyn Bristowe: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Shawn Booth has been one of the most vocal and passionate contestants on The Bachelorette 2015. Read on for the facts on him and his relationship with star Kaitlyn Bristowe, as well as some big show spoilers.

1. Booth Is The Reported Winner This Season

According to Bachelorette guru Reality Steve, Shawn Booth is the winner this season and gets engaged to star Kaitlyn Bristowe. It’s reported to get down to Booth and contestant Nick Viall, with Ben Higgins getting eliminated just before the hometown dates.

2. He’s Rumored To Already Be Cheating On Bristowe

Last month, photos of Shawn Booth with a blonde woman in Nashville, Tennessee were released online, along with a flirty photo of him with singer Bri LoBue. LoBue told OK! Magazine that:

I thought this was a random, attractive drunk guy who wanted to take a picture with me and was being flirty and touchy. I go to just put my arm around him. He scoops me up and wants me to straddle him.

LoBue said that Booth was not acting like a newly engaged man. Check out the below link for more details on the cheating reports.

3. Nick Viall Is His Enemy

Shawn Booth hates Nick Viall. He won’t even call him by his name. He calls him “that other guy”. In response, Viall feels the same way and dishes gossip about Booth to Bachelorette Bristowe. It gets to a point where Bristowe confesses that the feud was actually making her lose feelings for both Viall and Booth.

4. Bristowe’s Having Sex With Nick Viall Is Rumored To Be Causing Issues In Their Relationship

Bristowe had sex with contestant Nick Viall while filming The Bachelorette and she came clean to Booth on the show. He was visibly and understandably upset, but tried to move past the incident. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Bristowe told Booth that the sex wasn’t real and that it was all for television, but when the show aired, Booth could tell that nothing was faked. A source revealed:

He really believed that it was all creative editing by the producers to boost ratings, but when he saw the episode he knew that Kaitlyn had lied to him. Obviously he was hurt that Kaitlyn had sex with Nick, but he was even more hurt that she lied to him about it and completely embarrassed him. How is he supposed to introduce someone as his wife after the world heard her having sex with another man on TV?

Could this be true? Are Bristowe and Booth headed for a break up?

5. Booth Got Extra Quality Time With Bristowe During Taping Of The Show

Shawn B. And @kaitlynbristowe enjoy a little sumo fun! 🌹🌹🌹#TheBachelorette

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On an episode of The Bachelorette, Booth became very emotional and upset with Bristowe spending time with Nick Viall. We saw him confide in a member of the production crew that he and Bristowe had spent time alone together at her hotel. He said that she told him he could be the one and that they spent the night together. He felt mislead by Bristowe.




She picked the wrong guy, Shawn is too jealous of her and it will not work out. she should have picked Nick bad as some people hated him..I think he truly loved her and understands the procedure that she had to go through to get to the end. He was on the show before and understands what the producers expects of all Bachelor and Bachelorettes.


I agree. Shawn seems like a jealous controlling guy. I don’t see Kaitlyn and Shawn’s relationship will last long


Does she have to hand the engagement ring back once broken up I wonder?

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