Shawn Booth Wins ‘The Bachelorette’ 2015

For weeks, the reports have been that Shawn Booth is the winner of the 2015 season of The Bachelorette and the reports were … RIGHT!

On tonight’s finale episode of The Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe chose Shawn Booth to be her fiance and the two are now engaged. Kaitlyn Bristowe gives Shawn the final rose. Nick Viall is the first contestant shown to arrive at the house in order to propose to Kaitlyn. Chris Harrison wishes him luck and he heads over to see Kaitlyn, who greets him with a hug. He tells her that she looks beautiful and then talks about how quickly their relationship grew. He also talks about how in love he is with her and he begins to cry, saying that he’s not ready to let her go. He tells her that he is hers forever if she’ll have him, but she stops him before he can finish because she can’t let him propose to her. She doesn’t want him to propose if she’s not going to say yes.

Kaitlyn tells Nick that the only reason she has to give him is that her heart is just with someone else. Nick lets her know that he’s confused and that he doesn’t believe Kaitlyn is in love with him. Kaitlyn tells him that she regrets nothing that she had with him, including being intimate with him. She tells him their relationship was completely real to her. Nick says he doesn’t want to hear anything about her loving him. He becomes frustrated and upset, telling her it’s not fair for her to say she feels the same way about him as he does for her. Kaitlyn cries and tells him that it’s the most difficult thing she’s ever done.

Nick tells her that he doesn’t want to say hurtful things to her and Kaitlyn tells him that she’s sorry. Kaitlyn tells him she isn’t trying to sugar-coat anything and then she hugs him goodbye.

As for Shawn, Kaitlyn greets him with a kiss, which proves for a much different vibe. Shawn pours his heart out to a smiling Kaitlyn and she tells him her feelings as well. She fakes him out for a second, telling him she has to be honest with him and tell him the truth … The truth is that she never wants him to ever question their love because she is completely his and she tells him she loves him.

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