‘The Bachelorette: Men Tell All’ 2015 Spoilers

On tonight’s “The Men Tell All” special for The Bachelorette 2015, we revisit memorable moments from the show and get an inside look at some of the unforgettable mishaps on the show. In addition, Kaitlyn Bristowe talks about the cyber-bullying she’s endured throughout the show’s airing and we get to see a preview for Bachelor In Paradise 2. Ben H., Ben Z., Chris “Cupcake,” Clint, Cory, Corey, Ian, Jared, JJ, Joe, Jonathan, Joshua, Justin, Kupah, Ryan M. and Tanner all reunite on tonight’s special and some of them will be seen again on TV soon. Jared, Tanner, Jonathan, Justin, JJ, Joshua and Joe are all cast members of BIP2 … and the spoilers for the upcoming season state that Tanner actually gets engaged to contestant Jade Roper, who you may remember from Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor. For all the information you need on Bachelor In Paradise 2015, check out the below link.

Now let’s get back to “The Men Tell All.” Here are all the spoilers we’ve gathered.

– According to host Chris Harrison, Ian Thomson will “surprise people” as he didn’t like the way he came off on TV. He apologizes for his harsh words to star Kaitlyn Bristowe and how he treated her upon his exit. He even gets down on his knees for forgiveness.

– Throughout the season, Kaitlyn Bristowe endured a lot of “slut-shaming” for having sex with contestant Nick Viall. When talking about it at the “Tell All”, Bristowe broke down crying as all the men stood up to support her. Bristowe told Entertainment Tonight:

I was going to stay strong and everybody stood up and it just brought me to tears. It was really emotional, and it felt really good to know that everybody stood behind me on that.

In addition, host Chris Harrison reads some of the mean tweets from viewers this season.

– Corey calls out Clint and says that Clint flipped a switch, becoming very arrogant in the house. He also says that he thought Kaitlyn Bristowe was a bit disrespectful to the Bachelorette process in some of the decisions she made on the show.

– Ben Higgins is the next Bachelor, but it probably won’t be announced during the special. When Higgins sits down with Bristowe on the “Tell All” episode, he is reported to ask her why she never told him flat out that she had sex with Nick Viall. Bristowe tells him something to the effect of certain relationships move faster than others. In hindsight, Higgins told Entertainment Tonight that he’s actually happier Bristowe never told him because he doesn’t know what that would have done to their relationship.

– Ben Zorn reveals he wasn’t a fan of the Irish wake date on the show and that he still hasn’t cried since his mother’s death.

– JJ Lane and a camera man were actually jumped after the “Tell All” taping and contestant Ben Zorn came to the rescue. TMZ reported that JJ got jumped by a gang of guys who were waiting outside a cast and crew after-party. Apparently, JJ was fighting a “good fight” but ended up with a torn up suit and two black eyes. Ben Zorn broke up the brawl, saving the day, but JJ ended up in the emergency room just in case he had a concussion.

– Host Chris Harrison says he still doesn’t understand Clint and JJ’s “bromance on the show.

– Contestant Jared Haibon says that he has had a very rough time trying to get over Kaitlyn Bristowe and that he hears Cranberries music in his head all the time. If you recall, the two slow-danced to the song “Linger” as the Cranberries performed on their solo date this season.

– Clint confronts Joshua about his giving his input about the other guys to Bristowe. Clint felt that it wasn’t Joshua’s place to call out some of the other guys to Bristowe and say that they were not right for her.

Now that you’re caught up on the “Tell All” special, what ever happened to Britt Nilsson and Brady Toops?

To update you on on their relationship – Britt Nilsson and former contestant Brady Toops recently called it quits.

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