Tiana & James, ‘Catfish’ Season 4: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Catfish returns for the second half of its season 4 episodes and the first episode is about “Tiana and James.” Read on for the details on the episode and the background on the show’s subjects. We will fill in more and more information live throughout the airing of the show.

1. Tiana Lies About Being A Single Mother

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James told Tiana that he doesn’t want to have children, so she has lied to him abut being a single mother. She has a daughter named Journi and has denied having a child to him. Tiana’s baby daddy is not in the picture. Tiana’s own father isn’t in her life either. Growing up, Tiana was raised for a while by her grandmother and her sister was sent to foster care.

2. James And Tiana Met On Myspace

Tiana Catfish, James Catfish, Tiana And James Catfish, Titi Renee, Gregory Johnson Catfish, Catfish Season 4, Catfish Spoilers

About three years ago, James reached out to Tiana on Myspace. The two have been together ever since and James claimed to be a mechanic from Statesville, North Carolina.

3. Apparently James Asked Tiana To Move In With Him

When Tiana told James she might have to move back to North Carolina to be with her family, he apparently asked her to move in with him. When Tiana then went to his town to meet James for the first time, he stood her up and blew her off. She moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in hopes of moving in with James, but that did not happen and Tiana has been living in Charlotte for months.

4. Gregory Johnson’s Photos Were Used By “James”

By the looks of a post on Gregory Johnson’s Facebook page, his photos seem to have been used on Tiana and James’ episode. Was “James” using Gregory’s photos? When Nev and Max show Tiana his online profiles, Tiana realizes that something is not right.

Gregory Johnson is also known as Tipsy Twist.

5. James Is Trez

James and Tiana rely on text messaging and phone calls because James can’t skype or video chat. Tiana says James works a lot and his camera doesn’t work well. When Catfish hosts Max Joseph and Nev Schulman look up “James Sloan”, they find a white, middle-aged man who Max describes as your worst nightmare when meeting people online.

When Tiana and the crew go to meet up with “James”, they arrive at the shop of her baby daddy’s cousin Ricky. The person who ends up being behind “James” is a guy named Trez, who is actually the baby daddy of Tiana’s best friend Aisha. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out with Trez and Tiana is no longer friends with Aisha.

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