Allison Jayne Raski, Jim Edmonds’ Second Ex-Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Allison Jayne Raski is the second ex-wife of Jim Edmonds. We’ve heard her name several times on Real Housewives of Orange County. Read on for the facts on Allison below.

1. Jim Edmonds Married Allison At the Courthouse

Jim Edmonds and Allison were married in a casual ceremony at the St. Louis County Courthouse in 2008. According to the MLB website, Jim wore a T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. The reception took place at Jim’s steakhouse in Clayton. Allison was 28, while Jim was 38 years old.

The couple was married for six years.

2. Allison and Jim Edmonds’ Children Live With Her In St. Louis

A problem that Jim Edmonds and his current wife have is that he travels back and forth from St. Louis and Los Angeles. He does this for work as well as to see his two children, who he has with Allison. They live with her in St. Louis.

3. Meghan King Edmonds, Jim’s Present Wife, Has No Relationship With Allison

Meghan King Edmonds is one of the stars of the Real Housewives of Orange County and she’s also the third (current) wife of Jim Edmonds. She tries very hard to be a good stepmother and she had a good relationship with Jim’s first wife. However, she reveals that she has no relationship with Jim’s second wife, stating that they have issues. Meghan actually insisted on getting rid of the home that Jim and Allison shared together and sell of all their belongings as well. She wanted a clean slate with their own things, nothing that Jim shared with another woman.

Meghan calls Allison a “very unhappy person.”

4. Jim Edmonds’ First Wife Recently Passed Away

LeAnn is Jim Edmonds’ first wife and she made a few appearances on Real Housewives. She and Meghan had a friendly relationship as LeAnn was battling cancer. She is the mother of Jim’s two daughters Lauren and Hayley, who we see on the show as well. Recently, LeAnn sadly lost her battle with cancer.

5. RHOC Cast Member Heather Dubrow Is Friends With Allison AND Jim’s Current Wife Meghan

RHOC cast-mate Heather Dubrow, who is good friends with Meghan King Edmonds, was friends with Allison prior to Jim’s meeting Meghan. While some of the other cast members feel it’s “girl code” to not befriend the new wife, but Heather states that there’s no rule book when people get divorced. It’s a sticky situation.

Some speculate that Jim’s relationship with Meghan overlapped with his marriage to Allison. Allison and Jim were reportedly married for 6 years, which means they divorced in 2014. Jim and Meghan got married this year, but Meghan tells the RHOC women she’s been in Jim’s life for two years. What do you think?