‘Awkward’ Cast & Season 5 Premiere Spoilers

'Awkward' Cast

Tonight is the premiere of season 5 for MTV's TV show Awkward. The official premiere synopsis reads: It’s season five and Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) and the other seniors in this fun high-school comedy are preparing to graduate. Tonight in the season premiere, senior pranks are happening all over school. Jenna hears a disturbing secret that threatens her resolution to stop thinking about Matty; senior pranks wreak havoc on the school. Episode 2 of the season is titled "Short Circuit Party" and the synopsis states: Jenna causes an accident at school with surprising results; Matty deals with the fallout from his altercation with Jake. The Matty and Jenna saga continues this season as they each have moments of wanting to rekindle their romance. In addition, there's a strange turn of events when Jenna unintentionally becomes popular and Matty becomes the unpopular one. (MTV)

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