‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2015 Spoilers: Episode 8/9/15

On tonight’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, drama is the main focus, but would you expect anything less? Read on for the best spoilers and all the info on what to expect from tonight’s episode as well as Monday night’s episode. The show airs twice a week at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

– One Bachelorette claims that she is not happy and wants to leave Paradise. She also reveals that she has a guy who she’s in love with back home. Bachelor guru Reality Steve reports that this is Lauren Iaconetti and that she admits to being someones mistress back home. Reality Steve writes:

During this episode, Lauren Iaconetti makes the decision to leave because she admits that she’s currently someone’s mistress back home and thinks it can work out between them. She thinks she has a chance so she bolts. And yes, she admits to being another man’s mistress. Wow.

Ashley becomes upset that her sister Lauren is so miserable because she feels that it’s embarrassing and isolates the two sisters away from the group.

– The three Bachelors who arrive are Joshua Albers, Michael Garogola and Joe Bailey. Joe and Joshua are both from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette. While Joe was a southern gentleman on Bristowe’s season, he ended his time on the show in an aggressive and angry manner. According to the episode’s official synopsis, he arrives on BIP2 in the same kind of way. The synopsis states:

The cast is shocked when new bachelor Joe arrives and displays abrasive behavior that is off-putting to everyone. He takes Juelia on a date where they ride horses to Quimixto Waterfalls and get to know each other over a picnic, but the budding relationship is short-lived as he later reveals his true intentions behind coming to Paradise.

Joe Bailey’s first impression to the cast is that he’s very awkward.

– Joshua Albers decides to take Tenley out on a date, which is reportedly upsetting to cast member Lauren. Tenley and Josh have a romantic day in Sayulita, but when they get back, JJ seems to be jealous.

– A date card arrives for Jared and he wants to take Clare out on a date rather that Ashley Iaconetti, who is infatuated with him. It’s safe to say that ever-emotional Ashley is not pleased.

On Monday’s Episode …

Jared and Clare go out on a date together, which upsets Mikey. Mikey feels jealous even though Clare basically told him she wasn’t interested in dating him. New cast member Michael takes Tenley out on a date, but it doesn’t go as well as Michael would have hoped since he’s one of the guys who gets sent home. The guys who get eliminated are Mikey Tenerelli, Jonathan Holloway, and Michael Garofola.

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