‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2015 Spoilers: Episode – 8/24/15

Tonight is the second episode of the week for Bachelor in Paradise and the drama has only begun. Jared broke up with Ashley I. last episode while Samantha broke up with Joe, leaving him wanting revenge. Mikey Tenerelli has now returned at the request of widow Juelia and now they get a chance at an overnight date. They take a private jet to Guadalajara, watch a Lucha Libre wrestling match and discuss their future together. The two end up staying in the fantasy suite together.

In the meantime, the cast begins to question Samantha’s motives on the show and Joe decides to blackmail her, threatening to expose her lies. He wants to clear his name, but later on decides he wants to try to save his relationship with her. After getting some advice from Ashley I., he tries to win her over again, but his attempts backfire. The official episode synopsis reads:

Later that night, in a moment that is hard to watch, Joe’s attempt to win her back falls flat, leaving him heartbroken and embarrassed. To make matters worse, Justin from Kaitlyn’s season arrives in Paradise with a date card and has his eyes on Samantha. Despite Joe’s protests, Samantha agrees to join the new arrival on his date. Everyone is stunned by Samantha’s behavior, leaving them questioning who the real villain of Paradise is!

According to Reality Steve, however, after Samantha agrees to the date, she backs out and Justin asks out Amber instead. We’ll have to see if this actually happens.

As for the other couples, Carly and Kirk share a fishing date and they remain smitten with each other, as do cast members Tanner and Jade.

With Justin Reich new on the scene, there’s also said to be another cast member joining the show – Chris Bukowski. He will most likely appear tonight, according to Reality Steve, but there’s a chance we won’t see him until next week. Reality Steve writes:

Chris Bukowski. He went on the show for Jade. She was taken. He then asked Tenley and she said no. So he ended up giving his date card to Josh, who took Tenley out. Chris then left either that day or the next. I believe he came on the show to ask someone to his sister’s wedding that he was at that weekend, but not sure. Regardless, no one would leave with him, so he gave his card away and bolted.

As for the next rose ceremony, it goes like this:

Carly gives her rose to Kirk
Tenley gives her rose to Joshua
Ashley I. gives her rose to Jared
Jade gives her rose to Tanner
Ashley S. gives her rose to Nick
Juelia gives her rose to Mikey
Amber gives her rose to Justin

Final rose: Samantha to Dan over Joe

Joe Bailey ends up eliminated.