‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2015 Spoilers: Episode – 8/16/15

Tonight’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise is packed with drama as always. Following Clare’s meltdown last week, host Chris Harrison tries to help calm her down. In the meantime, cast member Juelia is faced with the most heartbreak yet this season. Joe Bailey, who pretended to like her on their date, finally gets to go out with his dream girl Samantha as she shows up in Paradise with a date card. The official synopsis for the episode reveals:

As the two embark on their date, they leave Playa Escondida holding hands, leaving Juelia extremely disheartened. Joe and Samantha head to a gorgeous rooftop pool at the exquisite Vidanta Resort, where they learn they will be doing a sexy photo shoot for PEOPLE. While things get hot and heavy between the blossoming couple, back at the house the cast is convinced Joe manipulated Juelia to give him her rose. When they return, his friends pressure him to smooth things out with Juelia, but Joe is anything but apologetic, and things get especially awkward when Samantha walks into the middle of it.

On tomorrow’s episode, Juelia tries to warn Samantha about Joe, but Samantha immediately tells Joe everything Juelia has said. In addition, cast member Tanner reveals that there’s more to Joe and Samantha’s relationship than people know.

As for what else happens tonight, Carly invites Kirk on a date after she gets a date card. Though Kirk is a little hesitant, the two go on their date, discuss their budding relationship and end up turning their night into an overnight date.

Ashley S. and Dan put an end to their romance tonight when Dan surprises Ashley by telling her he doesn’t really see a future in their relationship. This is especially difficult for Ashley on tomorrow’s episode when her friend Amber shows up and asks Dan out on a date.

On tonight’s episode, JJ finally gets a date as contestant Megan shows up with a date card and invites him to accompany her. Check out a clip of Megan Bell arriving in Paradise below.

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