‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2015 Spoilers: Episode 8/31/15

'Bachelor in Paradise' Spoilers - Episode 8/31/15

Tonight's episode of Bachelor in Paradise brings three new women into the mix - Chelsie Webster who arrived at the end of yesterday's episode, troublemaker Jaclyn Swartz, and single mother Cassandra Ferguson. While everyone is still recovering from Samantha's epic dumping of Joe Bailey the night before, Paradise heats up a bit as Chelsie asks out cast member Nick. Nick jumped at the chance to break away from Ashley S. and went out on the date, but there was no chemistry. The official episode bio reads: Chelsie, who arrived with a date card, decides to ask out Nick, who is instantly motivated to end his relationship with Ashley S. The new duo head off to enjoy an ocean cruise on a luxurious yacht and snorkel in the turquoise waters of Paradise. Despite the romantic setting, this handsome couple lacks chemistry, leaving Chelsie in the “friend zone.”

When Mackenzie arrives, she decides to take cast member Justin out on a date and the two bond over both being single parents. They each have young sons and Mackenzie is thrilled to have a connection over their children. ABC's episode bio explains: Mackenzie arrives to Paradise and gets the lowdown on the available men. She decides to take Justin and they head off into the jungle where they encounter a Shaman who puts them through an elaborate native ceremony conducted entirely in Spanish. Then at the end, they are pronounced “married,” leaving the couple stunned. Hopefully, the whole married thing is just a joke. Later in the episode, Jaclyn shows up ready to break up relationships and start some drama. ABC explains: That same night a feisty new arrival, Jaclyn, arrives to Paradise ready to stir up the drama. She quickly sets her sights on Jared, who has long been claimed by Ashley I. Forced to take drastic measures, Ashley I. asks Chris Harrison for an unprecedented favor — an overnight fantasy suite date. With a date card in hand, Ashley I. quickly whisks her unenthusiastic man away before Jaclyn can sink her claws into him. Could Ashley I.’s infatuation with Jared lead her down a path she’s never experienced? Whatever happens between Jared and Ashley I., Jared finally pulls the plug and leaves the show before the next rose ceremony, but you may have to wait until next week for that. Dan Cox also leaves the show when Samantha is more interested in Nick, but we don't want to spoil ALL of the upcoming episodes, so we'll just leave you with that. For a deeper look into tonight's episode, click through our gallery of all the best still shot photos from tonight's show. (ABC/Rick Rowell)