Who Is A On ‘Pretty Little Liars’: Charles DiLaurentis PLL Theories

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Who is “A” on Pretty Little Liars? By the looks of things, there are two people working together against the liars – a male and a female. On tonight’s PLL summer finale, we find out who Charles DiLaurentis is and how he became “A”. Throughout the day, leading up to the finale, which airs at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family, clues will be revealed online and we will continue to update this post with all the clues we can find. Check out the clues on who “A” is below:

– A is not one of the four Liars.
– A has done both harm and good to the PLLs.
– A is not a parent.
– A has not been in every episode.
– The PLLs have seen A unmasked before.
– A is under the age of 50.
– You will recognize A when A is revealed.
– A has lived in Rosewood.
– A has only one helper.

Show star Shay Mitchell opened up to Peoples Choice about the finale and her feelings on A’s identity, explaining:

I was just like, ‘How did you come up with this?!’ After hearing it I was just like, ‘Whoa! What goes on in your mind?’ But it was so great … I just knew right after reading [the script] how happy the fans are going to be because it was worth the wait. It is definitely one of my favorites, if not my favorite episode. Everything clicked but in such a well done way. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

There are many theories about A’s identity and on tonight’s episode, viewers will find out who A is after about 20 minutes into the episode. Showrunner Marlene King told Entertainment Tonight:

Originally I wanted to show ‘A’s identity in the teaser, in the very first scene, and have the rest of the first episode be the how, and then why — but the network asked me to push it. At least to the end of the first act, so that people who are late to the party won’t miss it. It’s designed that way for a reason because everyone has their own favorites of who they want to be ‘A’ and no matter who it is, there will be certain group of people upon that initial face who will say, ‘Oh I didn’t want it to be that person!’ But I think the story is so compelling that for the rest of the episode getting to hear the story, and see the story play out of how ‘A’ became ‘A’, you realize that there could be no other ‘A’. It had to be this person.

For more information on the PLL finale:

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