Who Did Shannon Beador’s Husband David Have an Affair With?

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UPDATE: David Beador’s mistress has been identified as Nicole McMackin by Daily Mail. Get all the information on her by clicking here.

Upon hearing that Shannon Beador’s husband David had an affair, viewers of Real Housewives of Orange County were stunned. Throughout the season, Shannon and David have been dealing with the aftermath of his cheating, trying to work through the pain. Unfortunately, this was a long-term affair and Shannon revealed that it began around the same time that she met fellow cast-mate Vicki Gunvalson. In fact, Gunvalson was there for Shannon as she dealt with the pain of her husband cheating on her. Shannon had suspected that something was going on with David and she heard him on the phone giggling. She confronted him and he ended up coming clean. Unfortunately, their children found out about the affair and David had to seek forgiveness from his daughters. To make matters worse, all of Shannon’s fellow cast-mates knew about the affair before she did. Apparently, Shannon knew the woman and was friendly with her. David even took his mistress to restaurants he had taken his wife too as well. David has said he no longer talks to the woman, but her identity has still not been revealed. According to Real Mr. Housewife, David’s former mistress is the president of an information technology company, she’s a blonde like Shannon, and she’s a mother of two who was also married.

We hope Shannon and David are able to push past this soon.

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