WATCH: ‘Duck Army’ Viral Vine Video

A video uploaded to Vine on Sunday has gone viral and could become one of the most-viewed Vine videos of all-time.

The video shows a man squeezing a toy duck, causing it to squeal, and then pressing down on a bin full of toy ducks, causing several of them to scream at once. The video was uploaded to Vine by Charlie Murphy, and had more than 42 million loops by Monday afternoon.

A Norwegian man named Kevin Synnes said on Instagram that he originally recorded the video. He told the Norwegian news channel NRK that he squeezed the ducks to embarrass his girlfriend, and then sent the video to friends on Snapchat. After it was popular among his friends, he decided to upload the video to Facebook and then to YouTube, and it took off from there.

Duck ArmyFor licensing and usage, contact: I was trying to embarrass my girlfriend, insted it turned out to be a great video2015-08-30T14:49:37Z

A video showing the original Vine in reverse has also gone viral, with more than 600,000 views on YouTube:

Duck army reversedOriginal:

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