‘Extant’ Spoilers Season 2: Episode 10

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Is Molly dead? Molly might actually be dead. No, Molly can’t be dead. Right?

The latest episode of Extant, titled “Don’t Shoot the Messenger,” promises to answer some questions but right now all we know for sure is that Molly (Halle Berry) died. But not really. And the repercussions of that almost death will have a big-time impact on tonight’s episode.

Molly will face disturbing visions that she cannot shake throughout the episode after succumbing to the virus that left her in a coma. While in that coma she’ll revisit her life and pas memories, including visions of her father and his pas indiscretions. Meanwhile, Toby’s (David Morrissey) loyalty to the Global Space Commission has been called into question, despite his successful raid on the hybrids last week.

Extant is scheduled to air at 9 p.m. ET on Wednesday on CBS.

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