‘Extant’ Spoilers Season 2: Episode 6 & 7

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Get ready for back-to-back episodes, Extant fans.

CBS is set to air two straight hours of the sci-fi series with tonight’s episodes, titled “You Say You Want an Evolution” and “The Other,” beginning at 9 p.m. Of course, with an extra episode comes an extra dash of drama, particularly for Molly (Halle Berry) who continues to deal with the changes going on with her body. As if that weren’t enough, JD’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) ex-wife shows up unexpectedly, adding to the already chaotic lives of the characters.

In the second episode, Molly and JD continue to work towards finding some kind of peace between the humans the hybrids, hoping to make Shepard (David Morrissey) see their points of view. That, naturally, is easier said than done.


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