WATCH: Is GRRM Conspiring to Never Finish Game of Thrones?

According to a video just recently discovered, George R. R. Martin may be conspiring to never finish his book series, “A Song of Ice and Fire,” more commonly referred to as “A Game of Thrones.” In the video posted above, which starts at 19:22, bestselling author Dan Simmons shares a conversation he had with Martin (often referred to as GRRM) back in 1981. According to Simmons, Martin said:

If I were really cynical, i wouldn’t write what i’m writing now, these novels. I would start some sort of medieval sword and sorcery thing and say it’s a trilogy and then keep writing it for the rest of my life…

George R. R. Martin will never finish Game of Thrones, GRRM will never finish ASOIF

George R. R. Martin has said he may never finish Game of Thrones, according to a video recently discovered. (Getty)

When the video was discussed on Reddit, where fans of Martin’s books get together to discuss theories on the series, some people expressed worry that it might be true. As one poster said: “This is both hilarious and horrible. Not sure if I should laugh or cry.” However, other fans were certain that even if Martin started the series with the cynical goal, he’s surely changed his mind after the amount of work he’s put into the series.

Some think there may be some truth to the statement, considering how long it takes Martin to publish his new books in the series. Martin has just recently announced that HBO will likely finish the “Game of Thrones” TV series before he finishes his book series, Business Insider reported. His next book, “The Winds of Winter,” will be the sixth in a series estimated to be seven books long, but may now be possibly extended to eight books.