Leah Messer: Drugs And Rehab for the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star?

Leah Messer

Over the course of the season for Teen Mom 2, we've watched Leah Messer's health and sanity deteriorate, making it difficult to care for her children. She's struggled with depression, anxiety, a second divorce and custody issues, which could make anyone crazy. Even her first ex-husband and his wife were worried that Messer was taking drugs, though when she got tested for drugs, the results were negative. As Messer has battled life in general, she's pushed through and has posted comments online like this one: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change what I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. As a result of Messer's problems, she decides that the best choice for her is to enter a rehab facility where she can get intense therapy and address her issues. While in rehab, she asked that her first ex-husband watch their two twin daughters and has her third child watched by her own family. During her stint in rehab, Messer's divorce from ex Jeremy Calvert was finalized. A source revealed to Radar Online that Messer's childhood greatly affected her declining mental health, explaining: She had a very rough time growing up. Many people, even her close friends, don’t know that she dealt with a lot of pain and suffering when she was a very young girl ... Of course she is getting help for her drug problem, but she is also learning to cope with her past. For more information on Messer and her latest news, click through our gallery of her best Facebook photos.