‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6 Spoilers: Episode Recap 8/4/15

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The episode starts off with each of the girls’ mothers telling them that they are banned from prom as well as their graduation ceremony. This means that Spencer won’t be able to deliver her valedictorian speech. Later on, the girls are gathered in a coffee shop and Alison receives a text message from “A”. The message instructs her to meet him at prom and to come alone because it’s their “last chance to dance together.” In the meantime, Aria finds out that she has won the art contest after all, which means a cash prize and an internship in Los Angeles. Aria worries that the police won’t find Charles before she would have to leave, which is right after school ends. Caleb packs up his car and tells Hanna that he’s going to New York, but Hanna suspects he’s just trying to hunt down “A” on his own.

Spencer finds out that both Toby and Lorenzo have been indefinitely suspended from the police force and she’s upset that they won’t let her try to help them. Back at her house, “A” calls Alison but says nothing on the phone. “A” flees when Alison says that she will not be going to prom. Spencer meets with Lorenzo, pleading with him to forgive Alison for stealing his key card. Lorenzo says he’s not ready to forgive Alison yet and Spencer invites him to the makeshift prom that the girls’ moms are throwing for them in her barn.

Just before Alison is about to head into the barn, she takes off into the woods and “A” runs into the woods after her, though she doesn’t seem to see him. Alison appears at prom and Clark looks concerned that she’s there. “A” follows her in. In the meantime, the girls are checking out photos online to see who’s at prom and they come across Ali in the background of one of the photos.

The girls head to prom. Aria questions Clark about his being a photographer at the prom. She then tells him that she saw him at the old doll factor with Rhys. Later on, Sara shows up at prom to surprise Emily and Caleb surprises Hanna there as well. In the meantime, Spencer’s mother Veronica opens up about the DiLaurentis’ mom tried to steal her husband and her sick son tried to ruin their lives. The other mothers try to speculate about may have happened and Spencer’s mom is determined to question Kenneth. When the moms get to the house, the door is open and they find police evidence. As they open the envelope, Rhy enters the home. Rhys tells the mothers that he’s confused as to where Mr. DiLaurentis is and then he leaves. The moms believe they’ve just met Charles.

At prom, Spencer feels hurt by Alison and the girls are all slow-dancing with their significant others. Sara tells Emily that “whatever happens”, she means a lot to her. Then, Aria tells Ezra that she doesn’t want him to come with her to Los Angeles. Ezra tells her that he’s not going to Los Angeles and that he’s joining a habitat group in Thailand for the summer. Back at the DiLaurentis home, the moms hear noises in the basement and they head downstairs only to be locked in.

Caleb tells Hanna that he’s accepted a job in New York that pays more than enough for her college tuition and he wants her to move with him. A happy Hanna kisses him. Meanwhile, Alison is trying to locate Charles while the moms try to find their way out of the basement. Alison follows a red-hooded figure she believes to be Charles. As she follows him, they see that Clark has a gun and is following after Alison. Clark reveals he’s an undercover officer and they all run after Alison. Alison tracks down Charles and we see him put his hand over her mouth, pulling her backwards. Lorenzo shows up and helps everyone look for Alison. The girls find a broken mirror and Ali’s phone.

Alison is alone with Charles who pulls off his mask to reveal himself. Alison gasps, “Oh my God.”

The END.

Now here’s a short glimpse at next week’s season 6 finale in the below tweet.

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