Betty Cantrell, Miss America 2016 Winner: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Miss Georgia Betty Cantrell was the winner of the 2016 crown at the end of tonight’s Miss America Pageant. For our 5 Fast Facts on Cantrell, read on below.

1. Her Prize Is a $50,000 Scholarship

During the preliminary competitions, Cantrell won $2,000 in scholarship money, but as the final winner, she takes home a scholarship worth $50,000. Cantrell will now embark on a national speaking tour.

2. Opera Is Her Talent

Cantrell blew the judges away with her Opera voice during the pageant. It’s no wonder she won the talent segment during the preliminary competitions this week. During the competition, she performed the classical piece “Tu Tu Piccolo Iddio” from Puccini’s opera Madame Butterfly.

In addition to singing, Cantrell loves to watch TV. Here’s a Facebook post she recently made about one of her favorite shows:

A fun fact about me is that I am an Andy Griffith Show, aficionado! I can quote any episode and I own every season on DVD! I love all of the lessons learned from the show and the simplicity of the lives they lived in the small town of Mayberry. That show just defines my childhood and makes my heart so happy!

3. She Tripped On Her Dress During the Competition

Cantrell rocked a beautiful two-piece gown during the eveningwear segment of the competition. It was a mermaid silhouette and all white. However, it appeared a bit hard to walk in as she appeared to trip a little bit on her walk down the stage. She shook off the missteps with giant smiles at viewers.

4. Cantrell Didn’t Think of Herself as a ‘Pageant Girl’ as a Child

Unlike other contestants, Cantrell didn’t compete in pageants when she was a child because she didn’t consider herself to be a “pageant girl.” Clearly that has changed.

5. Her Parents Are Both Physical Therapists

Cantrell comes from a family of physical therapists as both of her parents work in the profession. When Cantrell accepted her crown and made her way down the stage, she was sure to stop and bend down at the end to give her proud parents are big hug.

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