Cathriona White, Jim Carrey’s Ex-Girlfriend: The Photos You Need to See

Cathriona White

Cathriona White was a makeup artist in Hollywood and she was also the on-again-off-again girlfriend of Jim Carrey. The couple reportedly broke up just days ago and now White has been discovered dead in an apparent suicide. For our 5 Fast Facts on White, her life and her tragic end, click here. Now click through our gallery of her best Instagram photos to get a look at the beautiful girl Carrey and her family have lost.



Mary sullivan

She probably wanted a commitment but Jim Carey wasnt havent none of it. At thirty you think about having children so she was a lost soul when her relationship ended. Rest in peace Catriona


Bet ya anything he was an abusive sociopath which on and off relatio,ships always tend to be like that i lived it and wasted 8 years w one and wanted and attempted my own suicide many times because of him

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