Claudia Sandoval Wins ‘Masterchef’ Season 6

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(CR: Greg Gayne / FOX. © 2015 FOX Broadcasting.)

On tonight’s finale of Masterchef, the winner of season 6 was named and the winner is … Claudia Sandoval.

The three contestants in the finals were Derrick Peltz, Stephen Lee and Claudia Sandoval. First, the three participated in a team challenge with former contestants from the 2015 season. Peltz came out on top and he was awarded immunity in the pressure test. This meant that Sandoval and Lee had to go head-to-head. Unfortunately for Lee, he did not win the pressure test challenge and he was sent home. And so, it was Sandoval against Peltz. The winner receives their own cookbook, a trophy and $250,000.

Even though it was a heated competition, Sandoval and Peltz showed each other great respect. Each of them brought their “A Game”, but it was Claudia who triumphed.

Claudia has stated that she hoped to bring home the Masterchef trophy for her 9-year-old daughter and now she has accomplished that. Claudia’s personal cooking inspiration has been her mother while her professional inspiration is Mexican chef Enrique Olvera. Even so, Claudia told FOX that the best culinary advice she has received was from Masterchef judge Graham Eliott, as Claudia explains:

He told me to stick to what I know and trust my instinct. He reminded me that my style is nothing like anyone else’s and trying to be like someone else means, you aren’t being true to your food. I want to cook Claudia food … not Graham Elliot food.

Congratulations, Claudia Sandoval!