Fear the Walking Dead Episode 3: The Tweets & Reactions You Need to See

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You can’t hide from chaos and destruction very long in Fear the Walking Dead‘s world. (Justina Mintz/AMC)

Fear The Walking Dead episode 3 has premiered on AMC to mixed reactions. The episode had intense, suspense-filled moments, but some fans are really annoyed by how certain characters, like Travis, did not rise to the occasion. (Note: There are spoilers up through episode three.)

These are some of the top tweets and reactions that you have to see:

1. Travis’s Actions Really Annoyed Some Viewers

Travis driving FTWD, Travis driving fear the walking dead

Travis liked to drive really slow in Fear The Walking Dead. (Justina Mintz/AMC)

When Travis saw a zombie in his house eating a dog, he didn’t think: “Wow, this is crazy, I’ve got to stay away from this person!” No, he took one look at his now-crazy neighbor and called out to him, asking if he could help. Then he got mad at his son, Chris, for checking out a rifle, followed up by stopping Madison from killing a zombie. He also had a very bad habit of driving slower than a 90-year-old on a highway. This combination was too much for some fans:

2. The Favorite Characters So Far Are Nick and Daniel

Nick favorite Fear the walking dead

Why is Nick still wearing that old man’s clothes on Fear the Walking Dead? (Justina Mintz/AMC)

Fans like Nick and Daniel the barber best so far. The two characters seem to know the most about how to handle a zombie apocalypse and why you really shouldn’t stop to chat with them. The biggest mystery, however, is why Nick is still wearing an old man’s clothes when he’s back home and could easily change:

3. Some Fans Thought Alicia Was Almost as Annoying as Travis

Alicia Fear the Walking Dead

Alicia got on some people’s nerves during Fear The Walking Dead. (Justina Mintz/AMC)

Alicia left the door to their house open, leading to the dog’s death. She left the shells behind in the neighbor’s home. And then she beat up on the guy who tried to save her from zombie Susan. For some fans, all of that is just too much:

4.Travis’s Truck Was Protected by Plot Armor

Travis truck FTWD

Plot armor spared Travis’s truck from destruction on Fear The Walking Dead. (Justina Mintz/AMC)

Somehow, despite being parked in the middle of a terrible riot, Travis’s magical truck escaped unscathed. This has a few people confused:

5. The Dog’s Fate Has Fans Really Upset

We all got attached to the dog, and we should know better by now. Fans are very upset by what happened to the German Shepherd who only wanted to be safe and protected.

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