Joanna Newsom: Who Is Andy Samberg’s Wife?

Joanna Newsom

Joanna Newsom is a singer and songwriter who also happens to be Andy Samberg's wife. In an interview with Nylon Guys, Samberg talked about his wife's music, explaining that: Her songs do the thing that’s my favorite thing that art can do, which is be full of beauty and yet melancholy at the same time. ’Cause that’s what life is, really: beauty, and also melancholy. Samberg has described himself as a superfan of hers and says they met at a concert of hers. Newsom is actually a harpist, keyboardist, vocalist, and an actress as well. Though Newsom was exposed to music at a young age, she was not allowed to watch TV or listen to the radio because her parents were "kind of idealists when it came to hoping they could protect us from bad influences, like violent movies, or stupid stuff". While her father played the guitar, Newsom's mother was a classically trained pianist who played the hammered dulcimer, the autoharp and conga drums. When it comes to Newsom's relationship with Samberg, the two got married five years after dating on September 21, 2013 in Big Sur, California. Samberg's SNL co-star Seth Meyers served as a groomsman at the couple's wedding. Samberg and his wife later bought the legendary estate Moorcrest in Beachwood Canyon, Los Angeles and live there together. For more information on Joanna Newsom, click here for our 5 Fast Facts on her. Now click through our gallery of her best photos with Samberg. (Photo by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for TWC)