‘Masterchef’ 2015 Cast: Top 4 Contestants

'Masterchef' 2015 Top 4 Contestants

Tonight's episode of Masterchef is titled "Inside The Box" with the top 4 contestants competing to move on to the finale. For the team challenge, the contestants have to split into two teams of two in order to creative a special appetizer and entree three times using surprise ingredients. Because cast member Nick won the previous elimination challenge, he has the privilege of choosing the teams. Nick picks cast member Claudia for his team, the red team, while Stephen and Derrick are forced to work together once again. Derrick and Stephen make up the blue team. While the winning team is ensured two spots in the final 3, the losing team must take on the pressure test. This time, the pressure test involves two cooks each trying to make a better cake in 90 minutes. The cake is judge Christina Tosi's signature chocolate malted layer cake. Whoever wins, moves on to the semi-finals, rounding out the top 3 contestants. By the looks of tonight's preview pics, Nick and Claudia have to participate in the pressure test, making a cake. Which one of them do you think will win? For a sneak peek at tonight's show and the top 4 contestants, click through our gallery of the best still shot photos from the episode. (CR: Greg Gayne / FOX. © 2015 FOX Broadcasting.)