Suzy Favor Hamilton – Runner & Former Prostitute On ’20/20′

Suzy Favor Hamilton

On tonight's 20/20 episode, Olympic athlete Suzy Favor Hamilton talks about her double life when she worked as a high-priced Vegas prostitute. She calls herself an "advocate for the misunderstood" and is now a happily married mother. Her husband's name is Mark. During the course of her career, according to her professional bio, Hamilton has won many awards. Her bio reads: Competing professionally, Suzy won seven USA National titles, set two American Records, was a three-time Olympian, ran her specialty 1500m under 4:00 five times and was the second fastest American Woman in history at 3:57.40, a fraction of a second behind leader, Mary Decker Slaney. In 2000, Suzy was the fastest woman in the world and was named USA Track & Field’s Female Distance Runner of the Year. Since her running days, Hamilton has taken up motivational speaking and yoga. She's also put her life experiences into the written word and talks about her struggles with bipolar disorder. In addition to her own issues, Suzy's brother had problems as well, sadly committing suicide in 1999. As for Hamilton's career as an escort prostitute, she started out in December 2011 with the Haley Heston Private Collection, using the name "Kelly Lundy." Apparently, her husband Mark knew about her prostitution and would often object to it, which strained their relationship. Hamilton says that her decision to become a prostitute was as a result of her antidepressant medication that she was taking at the time. According to Hamilton, she had been misdiagnosed, not realizing she had the mental illness bipolar disorder. When Hamilton's prostitution was made public, many of her sponsors and awards were taken away from her. Today, Hamilton splits her time between Malibu, California and Madison, Wisconsin, where her husband Mark works as a real estate agent. She and Mark met in college and they have one daughter together. (Instagram)