Taylor Swift Deleting Periscope Concert Streams: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Taylor Swift periscope, Taylor Swift copyright takedown

Taylor Swift has a team dedicated to taking down live streams of her 1989 concerts on Periscope as quickly as the videos are uploaded. (Getty)

If you thought Taylor Swift was too busy preparing for an amazing proposal from Calvin Harris to worry about copyright infringement, you were very wrong. Swift is wasting no time battling copyright infringement left and right as she seeks to have every last live Periscope stream of any of her concerts taken down immediately, Torrent Freak reported. She has an online “police force” ready every time she takes the stage.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Periscope Receives Dozens of Takedown Requests from Swift Every Week

Taylor Swift copyright takedown, Taylor Swift Periscope, Taylor Swift meerkat

Taylor Swift is cracking down on live streams of her 1989 world tour. (Getty)

Every week, Twitter receives dozens of requests to take down live Periscope streams of Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour concerts, Torrent Freak reported. This seems overkill, the publication added, because Periscope videos are automatically deleted after 24 hours. The app is meant to let users give their followers a glimpse of what they’re experiencing.

You can find all the takedown notices at Chilling Effect’s website. A recent one, sent on September 21, reads, in part:

I am authorized to act on behalf of TAS Rights Management. I need to request the removal of a live musical performance by the artist Taylor Swift. Below are the URL’s… I have a good faith belief that the use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner…

2. Taylor Swift Doesn’t Want Anyone Live Streaming Her Concerts

taylor swift meerkat, taylor swift deleting videos

Taylor Swift doesn’t appear to be applying the same stringency to Meerkat streams…yet. (Getty)

Although the live streams are notorious for being low quality, Swift doesn’t want any of them popping up online. People have complained on Reddit, for example, about the connections being terrible. Others said they enjoyed the glimpses of the concert, even if they couldn’t see the whole thing.

There’s no word yet on whether she’s doing the same thing on another popular streaming app, Meerkat. A Google search only uncovers her Instagram documentary about living with her cats aka meerkats.

3. She Has a Team Dedicated to Finding Her Concert Streams

TAS Right Management, TAS periscope

Taylor Swift has a team dedicated to finding any livestreamed Periscope videos of her concerts. (Getty)

Swift has an online team dedicated to finding any posts that infringe on her work and getting them taken down as quickly as possible. The team is called TAS Rights Management (TAS is short for Taylor Alison Swift). Torrent Freak reported that Swift may be the only artist with a team dedicated to finding posts on Periscope and getting them deleted. The takedown notices are typically sent from sports leagues, like the NFL.

4. Fans Aren’t Too Thrilled About the News, But They’ll Forgive Her

fan reaction taylor swift periscope

Taylor Swift fans may not be thrilled about the news that she’s taking down her Periscope streams, but they’ll likely forgive her. (Getty)

Some fans have said they understand why Swift is taking these actions, but others don’t. If you search for “Taylor Swift Periscope” on Twitter, you can find tons of links to Periscope videos and posts, most from very excited fans gushing about their experiences. But considering how much her fans love her, they’ll likely forgive her for taking their videos down.

5. This Means You Won’t Likely See Live Streaming of Her Engagement or Wedding to Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift Calvin Harris wedding

Don’t wish too hard for a Periscope live stream of Calvin Harris’s proposal to Taylor Swift. (Getty)

If you’ve been hoping someone would secretly livestream her upcoming rumored engagement to Calvin Harris or their future wedding, you’ll probably have to let that dream go. If her takedown group is being this series about 24-hour livestreams, they’ll be even more serious about proposals and weddings.

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