Brooks Ayers Vs. Briana Culberson, Vicki Gunvalson’s Daughter

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Does Brooks Ayers really have cancer? Did he hit on ex-girlfriend Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter? Why do Briana Culberson and Ayers hate each other so much? In the past, Ayers has been taped, drunkenly telling Culberson’s husband Ryan he should hit her to straighten her out. He’s admitted to cheating on Gunvalson while they were together and now his cancer diagnosis has been questioned. Gunvalson has revealed that she has lied for Ayers when it comes to some of the facts surrounding his diagnosis. In addition, Culberson, who is a nurse, said that when she questioned Ayers about his treatments, he admitted to having pancreatitis rather than cancer. Culberson says the disease can be caused by abusing alcohol.

On the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, Culberson reveals more information about why she hates Ayers. She says that Ayers hit on her while she was pregnant, trying to show her his penis. Meanwhile, Ayers has told Andy Cohen that Culberson is manipulative and a shit-stirrer. He also stated that Culberson has “Daddy issues.”

According to Culberson, now Ayers has threatened to sue her as she posted this message online:

Just found out my mom’s creepy ex boyfriend wants to sue me because he doesn’t remember hitting on me while I was pregnant at my mom’s birthday party! He’s done worse sh*t that’s never even been exposed on the show. He’s a loser … He’s nuts! … All that matters is … he is GONE!

Culberson finished her message by saying, “Bring it tool!”

Gunvalson’s online response to all the commotion surrounding Ayers and her daughter was this:

My daughter and I are amazing. Lawyers are involved and I can’t speak about it in detail. All will be ok in time. Thanks for your concerns.

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OK… Heavy is one of the following three: a troll, Brooks himself, or one of his few followers. Whatever one it may be, there is no truth to what was written (or what oI could make out of that mess) and therefore, I will not even comment on the content. As for Brooks himself, I think he is a despicable human being and if Vicki is as intelligent as she claims, she knew and either orchestrated it for attention or sympathy. Sick people!


No way did Brooks come on to ms. Twinkie Brianna your no looker trust me…….. Your lies will destroy you Brooks is no saint but Tamra is drop dead gorgeous & he never came onto her or Neaten or any of the other gorgeous woman on the show but he came onto you…………… Brianna your uncle Billy does like Brooks its a fact the camera doesn’t lie Billy has always defended Brooks on camera so your a liar & nothing but a spoiled rotten brat………. Oh & by the way the “I’m a nurse”, crap is getting old you had 3 luxury trucks in your garage one was a brand new mercedes a new house 2 kids & a hubby that doesn’t work so we know where Vickis money is going sorry B your a liar!


So this is Brooks^…..Disguising yourself with poor grammar won’t work. Brooks do you have any idea how unattractive you are? Special place in hell for cancer fakers.


I totally agree, Sarah. It’s very obvious that comment came from Brooks himself or a supporter. Just because he’s a liar and a disgusting excuse for a human being, doesn’t mean I, myself, think that of all mississippians. Brianna has always kept it real and not to mention, she is absolutely gorgeous inside and out! Of course that slime would hit on her because he knows Vicki would never believe it…and she didn’t. He’s lower than whale sperm in my opinion. Trying to gather fame or sympathy from a complete lie. I can’t even watch when he’s on the t.v., his lying, filthy voice makes me want to throw up. Trying to get between a mother and daughter while faking cancer…despicable.


I agree with heavy. When I first saw her house there was no way she could afford that house on her salary and only pay $1100.00 a month mortgage. Who is she fooling? It isn’t going to happen unless mommy put a bigggg down payment on it. Do you think Vicki is going to want her daughter to be seen in a small cracker box house for TV? I don’t think so. She also had other cars and here is Vicki buying her another one. And as Briana said on TV, why would I turn down a car if Vicki wants to give it to me????


Actually in that part of Oklahoma you can get a house like that easily for not much money. My house in north Texas (3500 sq feet) with a pool and huge yard has a mortgage of $1400 with insurance included. And the cars (apart from the one Vicki bought her) are probably leased.


It’s OKLAHOMA, Sweetheart. Take a look at Zillow and be educated. Briana makes low six figs. and does not appear for free on RHOC.


I think that Vickie made up the story of brooks having cancer so she would have a story line this year. She is really boring!!!!!!!