Elysandra Quinones: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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She’s the new most envied woman on the Internet. Photos have emerged of Justin Bieber getting close with backup dancer Elysandra Quinones, 25. The Biebs is on tour in Europe, with the photos of Bieber and Quinones being taken in a pub in London. Those pics first emerged on TMZ with the site writing “Justin Bieber has figured it out … when you’re young and rich, hookups beat relationships every time. Justin was hanging Wednesday at a pub in London with Elysandra Quinones, one of his backup dancers. It’s not hard to figure out the rest of the night.”

Here’s what you need to know about Bieber’s latest squeeze:

1. They Pray Together Every Night Before Performances

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In a January 2013 piece from WGNO, Quinones is referred to as “the envy of most young women.” The article was written just as she began working with Justin Bieber. She told the station that Bieber was “super cool” and that “We have a prayer every night before the show and then we do like a chant, a group chant.” At the time, Quinones was one of Bieber’s 11 dancers.

2. She Regularly Posts Inspiring Mottos on Twitter Such as ‘Letting Go Isn’t Easy…But Sometimes It’s Necessary’

On her Twitter page, Quinones regularly updates her followers about her travels, on October 20, she posted photos from London. Also, she uses her Twitter page to post inspirational mottos. In her bio section, Quinones says she’s from Atlanta but is now based in Los Angeles.

Here are some of her other best mottos that Quinones has posted recently:

3. She Said in 2013 That She & Bieber Were ‘Just Friends’

Elysandra Quinones Justin Bieber Facebook


On her Ask.fm page, which Quinones doesn’t use too much, she wrote in 2013 when it was suggested that she and Bieber get together, “Just friends, nahh.” She also gets asked if Bieber and dancer Deirdre Barnes are dating. She responds “I don’t know,” instructing the question’s asker to ask Barnes or Bieber.

4. She’s Also Danced With Jennifer Lopez

Elysandra Quinones Instagram


According to her profile at XCEL Talent Agency, Quinones says that in addition to dancing with Bieber, she’s danced on tour with Jennifer Lopez. She’s also made appearances on Today and The Ellen DeGeneres Show as well in the movies Big Momma’s House 3 and Hannah Montana: The Movie.

5. Her Mother Has an Award Named After Her at Loganville High School in Georgia

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Quinones pictured with her mother in 2012. (Facebook)

Her mother, Ana Quinones, is a high school teacher at Loganville high in Georgia, teaching English as a second language. She has a perfect five star rating on Rate My Teachers. According to her Facebook page, Elysandra Quinones is a native of Loganville but went to Grayson High School. On the date of her daughter’s 24 birthday, Ana Quinones wrote a beautiful tribute to her daughter saying “Twenty four years ago we were blessed to have you come into our lives. Elysandra everyday we are thankful for your life and the memories we have treasured. Thank you for giving us motivation to grow old, for being humble, funny, staying out of trouble smile emoticon and for how hard you work at your job. We are proud of your accomplishments and support your career… Our thoughts and prayers are always with you even though you are not home. May The Lord keep blessing and guiding your journey.” Her mother was born in Puerto Rico.