‘Finding Carter’ Season 2B Cast & Premiere Spoilers

'Finding Carter' Season 2B Spoilers

On season 2B of Finding Carter, which many have mistaken as season 3, the drama increases and Carter continues to be caught in the middle of it all as usual. Her half-brother Ben stays in town for good and is causing a great deal of problems for the Wilson family. This boy is nothing but trouble. Showrunner Emily Whitesell has revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Gabe starts to realize he has feelings for Taylor this season. Whitesell stated: I think Gabe convinces himself that he loves her. It’s interesting to watch her navigate her very deep friendship feelings for Gabe and become confused in a moment or two. We were really interested in exploring this idea of what the difference is between deeply loving someone and being in love with someone. While we're on the subject of romance, it appears that Carter has a new complicated love interest that becomes part of the storyline this season, bringing on a new character named Jared. For more information on the season and details on what's in store for each character, click through our cast gallery. (MTV)

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