Heroes Reborn Episode 3: The Tweets & Reviews You Have to See

Heroes Reborn Episode 3 review, Heroes Reborn twitter

Heroes Reborn Episode 3 premiered to mixed reactions. (David Yeh/NBC)

Heroes Reborn episode 3, Under the Mask, premiered on Thursday to mixed reactions online. Some people are absolutely loving the new series and think that it’s recapturing the greatness of the first season of Heroes. Others aren’t so sure. Read on to see a review of the latest episode, along with the tweets and reactions from fans around the country. What did you think? Leave your comments and let us know!

Renautas Is Pretty Much What Would Happen if Facebook or Google Went Completely Evil

Who else thought that the Renautas meeting was pretty much an alternate universe Facebook, Apple, or Google? It was kind of like one of those Star Trek episodes where we get a peak at a parallel universe where our favorite people are very, very evil. A pair of glasses that look kind of like Google Glass are used to track Evos, while Molly Walker serves as the behind-the-scenes processor. She’s tortured and screaming in pain the whole time, but apparently even this is better than being stuck with Noah Bennet for some reason. That man really needs to get his memories back.

The Kensei Sword Continues to be a Main Character

The Kensei sword, meanwhile, continues to be the center of attention as it almost gets Miko tortured even worse than Molly. (Sensing a theme here?) The sword ended up not being such a big deal in Heroes, but maybe it actually harbors a secret power this time around. The torturer, Harris, who grew new versions of himself every time he was cut apart kind of like a worm would, was a nice touch. Fan reactions were mixed:

And More Plot Points

There were many other plot points that fans are talking about. There was Luke Collins who suddenly started turning into an Evo and absorbed way too much solar energy. (But I have to ask: did he really just now become an Evo, or are his experiences the result of another Evo’s powers?) We also get a brief glimpse again of Malina, whom I’m hoping ends up being Avatar Korra. We also had some scenes with Tommy, who’s busy rebelling against his mom. Meanwhile, we learn that she has a history with the mysterious man who’s helping her son. Here’s what some fans had to say about these new developments:

Promo for Episode 4

Heroes Reborn 1×04 Promo "The Needs of the Many" (HD)Heroes Reborn 1×04 "The Needs of the Many" – In search of someone from his past, Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) breaks in to Renautas for answers. Miko (Kiki Sukezane) continues her rescue mission and travels in search of her sword. Elsewhere, Tommy (Robbie Kay) must use his ability to save the life of someone close…2015-10-02T01:05:12Z

Before you sign off, don’t miss the promo for episode 4, shown above. Looks like Hiro is finally back! What did you think of the latest episode? The tweets below show a mixed reaction from fans:

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