Jenna Coleman & Peter Capaldi, ‘Doctor Who’: The Pictures You Need to See

Together they regularly save all of time and space as The Doctor and Clara on the latest season of Doctor Who, but who exactly are Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman when they aren't in the TARDIS? Well, they're not exactly like they're characters that's for sure. But that also doesn't mean that Capaldi and Coleman, who is set to leave the show at some point this season, aren't close friends when they aren't on set or travelling through the space time continuum. All it takes is one look at Coleman's social media profiles to realize that these two genuinely like each other. Maybe that's why they're also so good at defeating Dales, Cybermen and the like. Click through the gallery to see some of the pair's best moments together and learn more about their respective, and expansive, careers. (Instagram)

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