Is ‘Reign’ On This Week?

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The CW hit won’t be on TV this Friday night, but there’s still plenty of drama to look forward to. (Sven Frenzel / The CW)

Alright, Reign fans, deep breaths. It’s going to be ok.

Actually, that might be a lie. It’s probably going to get a whole heck of a lot more dramatic sooner rather than later. Just not this week.

The CW drama will take a week off this Friday after giving viewers a handful of twists and turns in last week’s episode that saw Francis (Toby Regbo) still alive, Lola marrying Narcisse and Catherine on the warpath.

So, what can we all expect once Reign does return to TV screens on November 6? Plenty and not all of it is particularly pleasant.

We’ve known all season long that Francis’ time was short and his death was around the next metaphorical corner, but we might have finally made it to that heartbreaking point. Check out the latest preview clip for the episode, titled “The Price,” and try not to cry:

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Meanwhile, Mary’s mother is facing health problems of her own and the young queen receives an “urgent message” about how things in Scotland have taken a particular turn for the worst.

Is the end for Francis? Can Mary do something to save her husband, while still finding a way to protect her people in Scotland and still maintain peace in French court?

It’s going to take a week to find out. Deep breaths, guys. Deep breaths.

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