Taylor Kinney And Lady Gaga: The Photos You Need to See

Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga

Actor Taylor Kinney was thrilled when his fiancee Lady Gaga was offered the part of The Countess in American Horror Story: Hotel. He even helped her to practice her lines. And, all the sexual scenes didn't seem to bother him as he had nothing but sweet words to say about her AHS debut. Kinney told ABC News: It was amazing. I'm proud of her, and I push her. I support her 100 percent. Ryan Murphy has done an amazing job. That cast is amazing ... She loves it. She really does. I think she did great. Gaga talked to ABC News about how amazing her beau has been and what valuable lessons in acting he has taught her. Gaga explained: Taylor has been exponentially supportive the entire time ... He taught me all about etiquette and what actors would appreciate during their coverage. He taught me to make sure that I was always available fully to the actors when I was working so that when the coverage is on them that I don't drop my character, that I'm always in it for them, and you know, that's invaluable advice. For more information on the engaged couple, click through our gallery. (Instagram)