‘The Blacklist’ Season 3, Episode 2 Spoilers & Photos

episode 2 black list

Red Reddington won’t let anything stop him from helping Liz on episode 2 of The Blacklist. (Peter Kramer/NBC)

Tonight episode two of season 3 of The Blacklist airs on NBC. The episode, titled “Marvin Gerard,” is sure to have some big surprises and nail-biting moments. When we left Liz last week, she had just jumped a gate to get into the Russian Embassy and had claimed she was a Russian spy in order to get asylum. What’s going to happen next?

Here are some photos and videos for tonight’s episode, along with how you can watch it live online, detailed at the end of this story.

Red is going to hire a lawyer named Marvin Gerard to help himself and Liz, along with a hostage situation that’s quickly unfolding. Meanwhile, Ressler will be continuing to pursue Liz even though she’s seeking asylum at the Russian embassy. As Liz seeks to get away, she’ll get into a car wreck on her way to the airport. Meanwhile, the FBI is taking steps to try to force Cooper off its task force.

episode 4 the black list

Elizabeth Keen is running for her life on episode 2 of The Blacklist. (Peter Kramer/NBC)

Want to watch the episode online as it airs? Click here to watch the live stream on NBC. The episode will be posted later online here.