‘The People’s Couch’ Season 3 Premiere & Cast

Tonight premieres season 3 of The People’s Couch with the same zany and hilarious cast members as the seasons before tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo. This is a show that brings viewers into the living rooms of people who are watching some of their favorite hit shows. Real people watch and react to TV shows and current news, making hilarious comments about what they like and don’t like. On tonight’s episode, the comments fly about shows Empire and about Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

Now that you’re up to speed on the premiere, read on for the cast members below:

Amanda and Kenya: These two are sisters and roommates with an age difference of about 15 years. Amanda is a nanny while Kenya is an event coordinator. Older sister Kenya tries to keep control of the remote.

The Egber Family: Dad Andrew, Mom Julie, and sons Samuel and Jack. This family lies in a bed rather than on a couch. Everyone is very enthusiastic about reality TV except for Dad, who warms up to the shows.

Blake McIver Ewing, a former child star turned go-go dancer and indie singer with model Scott Nevins, and actor/producer Emerson Collins. They are three openly gay best friends who are absolutely hilarious together.

The Zeno Family: Dad Lamont and son Rashawn are singers and songwriters and they appear with wife and mother Princella, who is a choreographer. These three are not shy about their opinions.

Julie Goldman is an open lesbian who is a comedian and actress. Her best friend Brandy Howard appears with her, along with Brandy’s three little dogs.

Cathy and Destiney: These two Persian sisters work together in a nightclub, where Destiney is Cathy’s boss. Cathy works two jobs and has a 9-year-old son. The two love to share some couch time and comment about their favorite shows.

The Resnick Family: Dad Joe is more soft-spoken than the rest of his family – daughters Sarah, Rachel, and Nicole, who often disagree when it comes to their opinions about the shows they are watching.

Teddi, Ayn, and Sue are three retured friends who like to comment on shows from Teddi’s couch. Technology is not their thing and you can spot this weakness on several episodes of the show.

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