‘The Voice’ Season 9 Battle Rounds: Contestants, Judges & Steals

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Tonight, the battle rounds continue on season 9 of The Voice with the contestants competing to be winners and the judges steal away their favorite artists. This week, each judge only has one steal left on each team, so let’s get a little recap on what has happened during the battle rounds so far and see which contestants will get eliminated this week, as well as which artists will get stolen by other coaches.

Manny Cabo was eliminated over Keith Semple on Team Adam.

Krista Hughes was eliminated from Team Blake.

Dustin Monk was eliminated from Team Adam while Dustin Christensen was stolen by Adam.

Tyler Dickerson was eliminated from Team Blake while Ivonne Acero was stolen by Blake.

Alex Kandel and Noah Jackson were eliminated from Team Gwen while Regina Love was stolen by Gwen.

Celeste Betton and Sydney Rhame were both eliminated from Team Pharrell while Tim Atlas was stolen by Pharrell.

On tonight’s episode, Blaine Mitchell will lose to Blind Joe of Team Blake, but he gets stolen.

Morgan Frazier gets stolen from Team Blake after losing to Emily Ann Roberts.

Lyndsey Elm, Cassandra Robertson, Jubal & Amanda and Chase Kerby are eliminated tonight.

On tomorrow’s episode, Riley Biederer loses to Evan McKeel on Team Pharrell, but gets stolen.

Chance Peña loses to Andi & Alex on Team Adam, but gets stolen by another judge.

Meanwhile, Nadjah Nicole, Daria Jazmin, Amanda Ayala, and Hanna Ashbrook are eliminated.

This week on The Voice, star Rihanna joins the cast as a key mentor, giving music advice as well as fashion tips to the contestants. Additional advisers include John Fogerty for Team Adam, Melissa Elliott for Team Pharrell, Selena Gomez for Team Gwen and Brad Paisley for Team Blake.