Tracy Morgan – Saturday Night Live Host

Tracy Morgan

Tonight, Tracy Morgan returns to comedy as the host of Saturday Night Live. This will be the first time that Morgan sets foot on the SNL stage since his tragic car accident. In June 2014, Walmart truck driver Kevin Roper slammed into the back of Morgan's limousine on a highway in New Jersey, which resulted in the injuries of several people, along with the death of comedian Jimmy McNair. Because Roper had been awake for over 24 hours and allowed to drive, Morgan and the others who were injured, filed a lawsuit against Walmart. Walmart came to a settlement of $10 million for McNair's two children. Morgan faced a long recovery from the crash as he suffered broken ribs, a broken leg, a broken nose and severe head trauma with memory issues. He was in a coma for eight days. Surely on SNL, Morgan will be poking some fun at his accident as well as his injuries, so that's definitely something we can expect to see. Also, we may see some celebrity cameos as many have been very supportive of Morgan's return. One of his biggest cheerleaders seems to be former SNL cast member Tina Fey. Another thing we can expect to see is Morgan "getting a lot of women in the building pregnant," since that's his signature joke. For more information on Tracy Morgan, click through our gallery of his best photos. (Getty)