‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Episode 6 Live Recap & Spoilers

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Tonight’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel is titled “Room 33” and the official synopsis reads: Ramona and Donovan enact their plan for revenge; Liz Taylor finds true love; the resident of Room 33 is revealed. Read on for tonight’s live episode summary as the show airs, spoilers, official tweets and cast details.

The episode starts off with a flashback of The Countess approaching a large mansion in Los Angeles, 1926. She went by the name of Miss Johnson and she was there to meet with a man who will get rid of her pregnancy. She opens her coat and exposes a large belly, but says she’s only three weeks along. This is clearly not the case. The “doctor” takes her down into a dirty-looking basement and when the nurse takes her temperature, she realizes it is impossibly low. The doctor sedates The Countess and performs the surgery, taking a baby boy out of The Countess’ body. The baby attacks and kills the nurse and then The Countess adoringly holds her new baby boy.

In the next scene, Detective John Lowe is tossing and turning in bed at the hotel when he wakes up to see his son Holden. He chases Holden through the hallways and comes to find the empty pool, which houses the vampire children in glass coffins, along with Holden and now his wife Alex. When John finds his wife, he ends up fainting. The next thing we see is Liz Taylor making love to Tristan Duffy, who is the lover of The Countess. This is a very unexpected romance. Taylor gives Duffy a few gifts, which are books. Duffy reveals to Taylor that he loves him and the two share their feelings for each other. Duffy says it’s so bizarre how much he loves Taylor because he isn’t gay. Taylor says that it’s because he’s a hetero girl and he thanks Duffy for seeing the woman inside him. Taylor then realizes that he has wronged The Countess by being with Duffy.

In another room, The Countess is going down on Will Drake, who is gay, but he cannot resist her. However, Drake cannot get it up and The Countess calls upon Duffy. Taylor asks Duffy to keep their relationship quiet for a little longer. When Duffy finds a naked Drake with The Countess, he tells them that he’s not gay and doesn’t want to “fluff up” Drake. He reluctantly does what he’s asked though.

Alex Lowe approaches Liz Taylor at the front desk and tells him that John discovered the sleeping chambers. She tells Taylor that she’s drugged John and doesn’t know what to do. Taylor tells Alex they have to get rid of the coffins. Later on, Alex goes to John’s bedside and tries to act normal. John wakes up confused and Alex tells him that he called her and asked her to come see him, that she found him passed out in the hallway. John tells her about him seeing Holden and the glass coffins, just as their daughter Scarlett saw. Alex tries to convince him that what he was seeing was not real. John goes back to the room with the empty pool and finds nothing there as the evidence has been destroyed.

Next we see The Countess in a white, flowy dress, enter room 33, where her baby lays in his crib. She tells the baby that she’s going to Paris and then will never have to leave him again.

Donovan and Ramona enter the hotel and Ramona says she wants to go straight to the basement to take care of the kids as she pulls a knife out of her purse. Donovan isn’t keen on the idea of killing the children. Ramona gets off of the elevator by herself to kill the children and finds that the pool is empty. Iris joins her and sees the children are gone as well. In the meantime, Donovan makes his way to the penthouse. Ramona and Iris both agree the children have to die because they are the way to the heart of The Countess. Iris also says that this is no place for children. In response, Ramona requests the key to room 33, where The Countess’ baby resides. Donovan enters the penthouse and begins sniffing the panties of The Countess. The two models who were killed in the beginning of the season show up behind Donovan, not quite realizing that they are dead. Donovan reveals to them that they are forever stuck in the hotel. He says that it’s the power of the building. He then tells the tale of a woman named Kara who was a school teacher. He says she came to the hotel to kill herself in the bathtub. Donovan says her dead body laid in that bathtub for months decomposing and then she haunted the hotel. He warned to never drink the water on the fifth floor because you’ll be drinking the taste of Kara. Finally, Kara found her purpose, which was to torture guests. The girls then ask Donovan what he purpose is and he said that he lost his when he lost the love of The Countess.

Ramona enters the room of The Countess’ baby, whose name is revealed to be Bartholomew. In the dark room, Ramona searches for the baby who surprises her and then an attack occurs. The next thing we see is Liz Taylor noticing that the door to the room is open. The baby has escaped and Taylor enlists the help of Alex, who The Countess has taken on to be the nanny of the children. In the meantime, Ramona is sitting at the bar nursing a scratch to her face. Taylor reveals that there can be no upsets to The Countess right now.

In looking for the baby, Alex finds two women who realize they’re dead in a room together with a bloody body. We are then shown how the man ended up killed … One of the girls finds a young man, a hotel guest, in the hallway. She ends up having sex with him and the other girl shows up to “play”. The hotel guest, Mr. Woo, is not happy about them trying to tag team him. The two girls then kill him. The two girls explain to Alex that they were just trying to find their purpose. Alex tells them she’s happy to help them and says she knows a man who has always wanted two girls.

Detective Lowe enters a crime scene, telling his former co-worker Andy that he has a police scanner in his room, which is how he knew about the murders. The murders are in a church. Andy says they don’t need him and that they have someone in custody. John goes back to the hotel and drinks in the hallway. Liz Taylor approaches him and John begins to pour his heart out saying that he loves his wife and kids, but he’s bad at loving them. Taylor offers to help him into his room. When Taylor helps John up, he becomes angry and pushes Taylor away. He then throws his bottle, breaking it, before the two dead girls find him in the hallway. They both have sex with him and one of them begins to make the other one bleed and John runs away terrified as he’s covered in blood. John tells Liz Taylor what happened and he follows him back to the room where John finds Ms. Evers cleaning up his blood-covered sheets. The girls are giggling and leave the room. After everyone leaves, Mr. March greets John and “welcomes him” to the Hotel Cortez. A still naked and bloody John frantically begins to pack his suitcase. He then jumps into the shower to wash off the blood. While in the shower, it appears as if The Countess’ baby has found his way into John’s suitcase. John leaves the hotel.

John is then shown entering his home with daughter Scarlett. He tells his daughter that she hasn’t said a word to him since he picked her up at her friend’s house. Scarlett then reveals that her mother hasn’t called her for two days. Scarlett is clearly upset and leaves to go to her room. John promises to his daughter that he will fix things and talk to mom. Scarlett then sees blood on her dad’s clothes from his suitcase. He tells Scarlett that it’s nothing. When he goes to his own room, he finds that many of his clothes have been thrown out of his suitcase. John gets his gun and, in the meantime, his daughter is sitting on the couch downstairs, watching TV. John finds The Countess’ baby in the kitchen and fires his gun at it. His daughters screams and runs upstairs as the baby escapes.

In the next scene, The Countess is with Will Drake and his son. Drake confesses he loves her and leaves to put his son to bed. Liz Taylor meets with The Countess and the two sit down as Taylor reveals to her that he is in love with Duffy. Though The Countess appears to try to understand, she tells him that she doesn’t share. In the end, The Countess tells Taylor that they will talk with Duffy together.

Back at the Lowe house, Alex returns home and John’s co-worker Andy is there. Andy leaves and John tells Alex he thinks he’s going crazy. John tells Alex that he knows she’s just going to go back to the hotel. Alex finds the baby in a bush outside.

Next we see The Countess sitting down with Liz Taylor and Duffy to discuss love … and betrayal. Duffy tells The Countess that she just likes to collect people just so she can take it away. He says that she feeds off the heartbreak and that he was made for more than that. Taylor pleads with The Countess to let Taylor “just have this one.” The Countess agrees to let Taylor have him and then slashes Duffy’s throat. Taylor breaks down crying on Duffy’s body and The Countess tells him to bury Duffy.

The Countess enters her baby’s room and Alex tells her that the baby is hurt but will be just fine. The Countess looks at Alex teary-eyed and says, “You saved my son.” Alex then tells her that she saved hers as well.

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