‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Episode 7 Live Recap & Spoilers

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Tonight is another deliciously gruesome episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, titled “Flicker”. On last week’s episode, The Countess took away Liz Taylor’s one true love – Tristan Duffy, and we learned that the Countess had a baby. The official synopsis of tonight’s episode reads: Will Drake’s renovations uncover one of the hotel’s greatest secrets; John undergoes psychiatric evaluation; The Countess learns the fate of her first love. Get the full recap of the episode as it airs with our live summary, spoilers, official tweets and cast details below.

The episode opens up with Will Drake and his son checking out the construction that’s being done on the hotel. While walking through the halls, Drake tells his son that he wants to be with The Countess forever. While working, the construction crew come across an entire hallway that has been sealed up. Upon investigating the hallway, they are attacked by two decaying vampires. The Countess finds out about the now opened area of the hotel that unleashed the horrifying creatures and she is visibly afraid.

In the next scene, Detective John Lowe is at a health center to determine “his state of mind.” John decides he wants to stay at the health center, telling the doctor that he feels like everything is closing in on him. John then reveals that he got into a physical fight with his former partner at work.

There’s an old woman staying at the hotel and the two new monster vampires feast on her. The episode flashes back to 1925 in Hollywood. The Countess is a small actress on a film and becomes infatuated with a successful actor who looks just like Tristan Duffy, the lover she killed in the previous episode. The actor (Valentino) tells her that he sees bigger things from her than Hollywood. As the two begin to dance, they are interrupted by the Valentino’s famous wife Natasha. The Countess, who is surprised to see the two are together, asks why she is there and Natasha replies, “Gods have appetites.” They, of course, then engage in a threesome. Later on, The Countess and a friend are attending the opening party in Hotel Cortez with Mr. March as host. While at the party, it’s announced that Valentino has died. In her grief, The Countess tries to commit suicide by jumping out of the hotel window, but Mr. March stops her. She says, “Let me go,” and Mr. March says that, “He may never let her go.”

Three women visit Valentino’s grave and talk about a mysterious lady in black who visits to leave a single red rose in front of his tomb. The mysterious woman is The Countess, who approaches the grave and is interrupted by Natasha. Natasha reveals that she hasn’t been grieving because Valentino isn’t dead. The Countess becomes angry at the two of them for putting her through pain. Natasha brings up that The Countess moved on quickly, marrying Mr. March. The Countess reveals that she only married March out of grief, that she felt nothing for him, but she craved the darkness within him. Upon finding him murdering a homeless man in the hotel, The Countess tells him he should set his sights higher so that his killings can benefit them both. She then whispers to him that next time she wants to watch.

Valentino explains why he faked his death. He says he was traveling the country and he noticed a man watching him on the train.

Valentino started hallucinating on the train and feeling dread. He says he awoke into a seduction and the man, F.W., a great German director, reveals that he had traveled the world and found people infected with a blood virus. The virus provided immortal youth, but a terrible thirst for blood. He told Valentino that he would help preserve his beauty forever, but he had to leave the big screen. Valentino then shared the dark gift with Natasha and the two wanted to share it with The Countess. She accepts with Mr. March eavesdropping from a floor below them.

Back at the hospital, John roams the hotel halls and comes upon a guard and nurse flirting outside the Restricted Ward. John approaches the guard, faking a stomach ache later and steals his badge to visit a man named Andrew Hahn in the ward. He looks in on room 153 and opens the door to find a school girl standing in the middle of the room. The girl tells him that she doesn’t want to feed anymore. John tells asks her about the man she was with, who is the homicide murderer that he’s been hunting. She reveals that she was there for all the murders and that he didn’t make her do anything. John tells her that nothing was her fault. She says that everything was her fault. She then reveals that she likes John because he’s nothing like her father. She says her father, in 1986, left her in a hot car while he went drinking in the Hotel Cortez. A woman (The Countess) then “saved her”. John tells the girl that she needs to tell him where the killer is and she agrees to help him if he lets her out of the ward.

It seems that maybe the two monster vampires are actually Natasha and Valentino. Valentino and Natasha finish feasting on the old woman from an earlier scene. The two argue over their age and their “stolen lives”. Valentino vows that they will reclaim their lives. Three cowboy bachelors check into a room across the hall and Valentino and Natasha decide to feast on them as well.

In the next scene, Mr. March is shown listening to music and eating dinner with Ms. Evers serving him. The Countess arrives and thanks him for seeing him early since their arrangement is once a month. She tells March that she’s going to marry again. March says he’s delighted but hopes that when she murders him, he’d prefer that she do it off the property so he doesn’t have to run into him for all of eternity. He says that he’s dead not stupid. The Countess tells March that she’s always been honest with him and never claimed to love him. March says that he thought he could make her love him, but none of it moved her. He then brings up Valentino and Natasha and how he “took care of them.” The Countess waited for them at the train station, but they never came. Natasha and Valentino woke up in a hotel room. The window was sealed off with bricks, as were all the doors of the rooms in the hallway. They were trapped and sealed up in the hotel. The Countess never knew and, upon hearing this, she becomes enraged.

Natasha and Valentino walk down the stairs into the lobby and out the front door in front of a slightly suspicious Iris.

In the meantime, John and the young girl escape from the hospital. She reveals that she must go home to The Cortez. As she runs across the street, she gets hit by a passing bus.

… The next episode airs in two weeks because of the Thanksgiving holiday.