Betty’s Pie Whole & Elizabethan Desserts on ‘The Profit’ 2015

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Betty’s Pie Whole becomes the subject of tonight’s episode of The Profit after J Wolf from Da Lobsta denies star Marcus Lemonis’ proposal. Betty’s Pie Whole actually has two locations, but what throws Lemonis is that the second location is completely different. It’s called Elizabethan Desserts and it’s in a strip mall, while Betty’s Pie Whole is its own getaway. Since the show filmed, Elizabethan Desserts has closed its doors, but Betty’s Pie Whole is still up and running.

A big issue that owner Betty had was not having the money or time to have a life. She also hadn’t seen her mother in several years because she didn’t have the money to visit her. It was wearing on her heart. Another issue was that Betty hadn’t written down any of her recipes, which leads to inconsistency in the product. Despite this, Marcus Lemonis did love the pies that Betty served him.

Betty’s Pie Whole is located in Encinitas, California and all pies are served whole, rather than in slices. Some of the menu items that the restaurant offers are Grandma Lucy’s Chicken Pie, Boyd’s Break-The-Fast Pie, Chocolate Cookie Dough Pie, Blackbird Pie, Gold Rush Cheddar Beer Dip, fresh lemonade, and many other tasty items. Check out their menu on their website when you click here.

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