WATCH: Donald Trump Dances to ‘Hotline Bling’ on SNL

Donald Trump was tonight’s host on SNL, accompanied by musical guest Sia. Trump didn’t exactly bring SNL back up to its classic sketches of old, but he did provide us with some funny moments.

A big highlight was during Jay Pharaoh’s “Hotline Bling” parody, which featured Pharaoh as Drake defending his goofy dance moves. He likened his slick moves to a Dad, a teacher, and Martin Short character Ed Grimley.

And then there was Trump!

The Donald showed up about halfway through the parody, singing the chorus and showing off his dance moves. Trump’s danced before in SNL sketches, and hopefully this clip will have the same lasting impact on culture as his last gem (dancing starts at 3:30):

Donald Trump's House of Wingsvia YouTube Capture2013-10-22T03:18:27Z

Perhaps Trump’s funniest sketch was one in which he didn’t even appear. In a play off Trump’s aggressive tweeting style, Trump started the bit by informing the audience that he was “too busy” to appear in the upcoming sketch. Instead Trump offered to live tweet the sketch, which featured a couple having dinner in an Italian restaurant. During the sketch, Trump’s tweets appeared below the actors, and the tweets were all mean-spirited.

Doesn’t sound that funny? Yeah well, that’s SNL these days.

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