‘Dancing With the Stars’ Cast: The Remaining Contestants – 11/9/2015

'Dancing With the Stars' Cast 2015

On tonight's episode of Dancing With the Stars, the remaining cast members will be competing with two dances. The official description of tonight's show reads: This week the six remaining “Dancing with the Stars” couples perform two show-stopping dances on Monday, November 9, 2015 (8:00 p.m. - 10:01 p.m., ET). For the first routine, the couples will reveal a dance style not yet performed this season. Later in the show, they will be moved into teams to perform a side-by-side dance. Inspiration for the team routines were drawn from each teams’ travels around the country to experience live productions of famous shows such as The Beatles™ LOVE™ by Cirque du Soleil, Broadway’s Chicago and Royal Caribbean’s “We Will Rock You.” At the end of the night, one couple will be eliminated. Last week we said goodbye to Andy Grammer who was a great competitor on the show. With only six couples left, it makes you wonder who faces elimination tonight. To check out each of the remaining contestants and get the spoilers on their performances for tonight, click through our gallery of their latest photos together. (Instagram)



Zandra Hodnett

I do like that lady that talks with days cast. I keep hoping they will change her every year she is not good. I think she is a wanda be a star. But does anyone ever look at her before she goes out on stage especially tonight. She looks horrible in that dress she has on tonight trying to be sexy showing her breasts and when you look at her from the side GOOD golly me Molly she looks horrible. Try checking her


woohoo i love Carlos and Whitney they are really good dancers #😄😀😊🎈🎉🎊