Michael Shay – Scheana Marie Jancan’s Husband

Michael Shay

On this season of Vanderpump Rules, the picture-perfect relationship we thought Scheana had with her husband Mike Shay has crumbled. Fortunately, they have worked on their relationship and have gotten back on track since, but the two show that they were having real issues. Shay was actually struggling with drinking and pill addiction, which caused a major strain on their marriage. Shay was mixing Vicodin with alcohol and while they were going through their rough time, Scheana told friends that her husband would stay at his parents' house. The two tied the knot last season on Vanderpump Rules in an elaborate wedding and Shay has always seemed to be head over heels for his wife over the past few seasons. For more information on the couple and how they're doing, click through our gallery of Shay's best Instagram pics.