Did Peter Thomas Cheat On Wife Cynthia Bailey?

On the season 8 premiere of Real Housewives of Atlanta, we get a look at what Cynthia Bailey went through when a video of her husband Peter Thomas went viral. Thomas was filmed at a club getting pretty handsy with a female other than his wife.

In the past, Thomas has been very vocal about going to strip clubs, but this was definitely not a strip club. This was at his bar, Bar One, in Atlanta.

Upon the release of the video, Thomas took to his social media account to post a video apologizing to his wife and children, but it was later deleted. Initially he denied the situation, saying that:

These people, my 5 years anniversary is next month and everybody been trying to trip my ass up.

The original video is shown in the below Instagram post. It shows Thomas practically kissing the mystery woman and he runs his hand down her neck and chest.

You can also check out Thomas’ video apology in the below post, where he says:

There’s stuff all over the Instagram that made me look like a big ass cheater. Ok, that’s not what it is. That’s a friend of mine in the club that I was talking to. It looks crazy, I know it does, so I’m apologizing to my wife, I’m apologizing to my two beautiful daughters, ok. Your daddy’s not a cheater.

Of course, after the video was exposed, Bailey had a rough time dealing with it and told Us Weekly that:

My marriage is not perfect. We’re going to deal with this issue as husband and wife. Most marriages go through their share of challenges, and ups and downs. Peter and I are no exception. I felt the video was inappropriate, and embarrassing. I expect him to accept full accountability for his actions. We are coming up on our five-year wedding anniversary and we will deal with this situation as husband and wife. I appreciate everyone’s well wishes, and concerns.

On June 17, 2015, Bailey sat down with radio station V-103 and talked about her initial reaction to the video stating that:

When I saw the video I thought it was inappropriate…but I’m not going to set his clothes on fire, but we’re going to talk about some things…I’m going to need him to be a little more careful with who he’s kissing on or looking like he’s kissing on or putting his hands on the neck or grazing their breast.

This season on Real Housewives Of Atlanta, we see the couple trying to power through the situation and handle their marriage.

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