Tammy M. Browning – ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’

On tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Ms. Tammy M. Browning appeared as a guest for the day on Kenya Moore’s boat outing. She described herself as a ballerina and talked about her son’s music. With her bleached-blonde hair, the other women compared her to Miley Cyrus. After spending a little time with the women, however, she soon rubbed them the wrong way. She started talking about her son’s music career and seemed to try to push fellow cast member Kandi Burruss into a studio meeting with him. Burruss, who doesn’t know Browning, clearly felt uncomfortable. Browning’s son is Freedom Augmon aka rapper Freco, aka Lil Soulja. Freco’s father is former Atlanta Hawks player, Stacey Augmon.

Browning later talked about her husband, describing his to be as white as a “nazi.” With that, several of the women left the area to go to the other side of the boat. For what seemed to be the remainder of the boat ride, Browning appeared to be on her own.

Browning is the Owner at PlanetFreedom Costume Rental and also used to own several tennis courts, according to Straight From The A. She is also a dancer with Moving On. Her dancer bio reads:

Browning starting dancing at four under our very own Annette Lewis. She trained with various companies throughout the country until college, where she performed with Spelman Dance Theatre under Kenneth Green. After a 20 year haitus raising a son, she returned to dance in 2014. In addition to dancing, she owns a wardrobe rental company and works with music festivals such as New Orleans Jazz Fest and Essence Music Festival, models in her spare time, and volunteers at the Open Door Community in Atlanta.

Some of the women (and fans) were wondering why Tammy was on the boat that day and why she’s been added to the RHOA cast.

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Who the hell is this chick? Never heard of her, WTH is she famous for??? If her husband is a Nazi, then she’s as crazy as she looks! But she looks half White herself, so I wouldn’t be surprised. Quite dumb looking and acting.


don’t understand how the one woman on that show can say she has a white husband . He is natzi..white There is such a double standard. country.
Maybe that comment should be defined as a Prejudice comment.

LaDonna Smith

You or so right I’m about sick of dbl standard. Black community feel they can say anything…she should catch hell over her statement “NAZI WHITE” BS


There is no double standard that women is an idiot and if you noticed all of the women looked at her like she was crazy. It was a terrible comment.


As if someone has to justify her comment. She said it..Not black America!


it’s a euphemism and a lame excuse that most women of any color make to their close friends. Very similar to a white woman being married to a black (malanated skin) man saying.. “He’s not really black”, because he’s from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Switzerland, Aruba or anywhere else. almost to justify or add credibility to their action. What’s the problem though? LOL White people do all the time! How many times you heard….”some of my best friends are black”! but they’ve never been to your house! FACTS!

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